Santa Teresa is known for white/gold sandy beaches,
good surfing conditions and a relaxing atmosphere.

Situated at the south western corner of the Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa ranks among the most beautiful and still unspoiled beaches of Costa Rica and on a walk to the north or south you can explore miles of picture-perfect coastline and since the jungle hugs the shore, you will find lots of shady hideaways on the beach.

Fortunately there aren't any high-rise buildings in Santa Teresa so the views of the coast are undisturbed up to the wooded hills of Mal Pais and Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve.

Not so long ago Santa Teresa was a small village that has now become a lively town. Many who had only planned a vacation in Costa Rica fell in love with Santa Teresa and decided to stay.

The influx of newcomers from all parts of the world has spawned a variety of restaurants and bars along with hotels and vacation rentals.